The “has frozen stuff just to see what happens” badge (LEVEL I)


In which the recipient has frozen something in the freezer for the sake of scientific curiosity. (JL)


  1. Mishal

    *ticks off items on fingers* Hmm. Keys, full water bottles, soda cans, beer bottles, jello… cream of wheat.

  2. Jon M

    I have frozen Bacardi Mojito mix to separate the rum from the ‘mojito mix’, and then proceeded to make a screwdriver with the rum.

  3. Madalch

    I tried making applejack once, from a batch of mediocre homemade wine.

    This was in Edmonton in the winter- it froze far too solidly, so it didn’t work very well.

    When I was a child, I tried freezing earthworms to see if they’d wake up when thawed- I’d watched too many science fiction shows like “Buck Rodgers”.

  4. Catherine

    How many good times (and big messes) have started with “Hey whaddya think would happen if….”?

  5. Phil

    I froze a home made contact microphone inside of an ice cube tray (full of water) so I could record the noises it made of ice breaking from the inside.

  6. Reckless K

    I once froze my girlfriend’s perfume and drank the separated alcohol in order to make it easier to explain why I would do such a thing in the first place.

  7. Ben, It was a great event and great iophne video!!If you would like your own Bacardi “In The Mix” party email

  8. Jon

    What vertebrate zoologist DOESN’T have animals in the home freezer!

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