The “I’m a freaking rock star who sings about science!” badge.


In which the recipient has released music where a science concept has been broached. (JH)


  1. Thomas Dolby needs to have this.

  2. Doug

    They Might Be Giants!

  3. Bob

    Rush should get one. They’ve got a few songs that qualify them.

  4. LeeshaJoy

    Jonathan Coulton definitely qualifies for this.

  5. Megan

    Definitely They Might Be Giants!

  6. Erik

    What about Buckaroo Bonzai? He was a rock and roll physicist!

  7. I recently wrote a song about autoclaves, and another about prions. Do I win a prize?

  8. The LHC girl and crew definitely earn one.
    I have a buddy who sang about one of his chemistry project. I’ll try to find the video again.

  9. Information Warfare, on the CD Imperfect World by my band Disassociate

  10. Dude. Modest Mouse does this best. Ive done it a bit too just to see how it feels. and it feels like love and candy.

  11. Simon

    What about Milo Aukerman from The Descendents – a real scientist who tours with a punk band!

  12. Gabriella

    Tom Lehrer “The Elements”

  13. foobiebletch

    their entire album, “Downward is Heavenward”

  14. KdellaPorta

    A classmate of mine made a rap video as a lab report once. It’s really good.

  15. Paul Bogaard

    Soul Coughing! “So Far I Have Not Found The Science (but the numbers keep on circling me….)”

  16. Troy Z

    Not sure if there are any Offspring songs about science, but frontman Dexter Holland has a Master’s Degree in molecular biology.

  17. Al Hayfever

    Steve Burns, the Flaming Lips, and Mike Nesmith all get one. And if Brian May ever sang one of his university lectures…

  18. Stones and Bones

    Submitted for Valentine’s Day: Guided by Voices’ “I Am A Scientist”

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