The “I’ve touched human internal organs with my own hands” badge.


In which the recipient is “hopefully” doing something that is somehow related to human health. (JH)



  1. Yes – many!! But none of them were in or attached to a body at time of handling. They were mostly in buckets of formalin – needless to say gloves were involved. Thank you Histology and Anatomic Pathology!!

  2. Is there a different badge for touching internal organs with someone else’s hands?
    And yes, brains, lungs, liver, kidneys, some attached to the original owner, some unattached…

  3. While working as an ER nurse, we cracked open the chest of an accident victim and my job was to reach in and grab the heart with my bare hand (before the use of gloves was the norm) and squeeze to maintain a cardiac rhythm while others did their job in trying to keep him alive.

  4. Oh sweet merciful crippled wheelchair Jesus… during a clinical rotation, I was involved in a hemicolectomy for a fellow with colon cancer. I was the lucky one to take most of this guy’s colon and put it in a bucket for pathology. Once you hold a few pounds of a dude’s colon in your hands, you KNOW him, man. You can go out for coffee with that guy.

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