The “sexing up science” badge.


In which the recipient has had experience with things such as selective breeding, crossing, mate selection, prokaryotic conjugation, fertility studies, STD related microbiology, and/or any other acceptable interpretation of the badge. (RPM)



  1. Bred fruit flies for Mendelian genetics labs. Before we moved into a permanent building, I put these guys to sleep with ether. Blessed ether.

  2. I studied snow algae mating for a while in college. I still wear my t-shirt with the cartoon of reproducing unicells when I’ go into the field

  3. I’ve deliberately bred solitary wasps with their own siblings. Of course, they do this in nature, so it’s not like I’m kinky or anything.

  4. I guess I earned this years ago when I bred fruit flies in my genetics class, but I think earning it for working on an STD, like I do now, is way more interesting.

    (In case you’re wondering…. Trichomonas vaginalis)

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