The “Special Auxiliary Child Member of the Order of the Science Scouts” badge.


A special badge for the many children who are alarmingly smart about things of a scientific nature. Smarter than you and I even. (JS)



  1. My six year old has a frightening interest in human anatomy…would watch kidney transplants and knee replacements on Discovery with me at age 3 (while asking “why”…and understanding), and for Christmas when he was 4, Dad and I decided to get him some human body books. One aimed at about a 9 year old, for now, and an undergrad level text for later. The boy never even opened the kiddie book, and has read the other one (on his own) cover to cover. A couple times.

    Earlier today I heard him and my husband discussing string theory…

  2. You sure this one wasn’t made just to have a badge you could give a weird acronym (in this case, SACMOSS)?

    My wife and I both should have this one. When we were in grade school, while the other kids were playing tag or hopscotch, we were sitting around with other, well, nerds, discussing things like black holes and superconductivity.

  3. I teach pre-k in a low-income neighborhood. As a science lesson, we used the scientific method to figure out what would happen when we put mentos into a 2 liter of diet soda. I got a lot of, “It will turn (insert color)” and “It will turn to water.”

    Then, one of my students raises her hands and says, “I think it will turn into a gas.”

    She’s four years old.

    Another time, I was showing some 5-year olds a video of a gibbon smacking around two tigers. When another teacher asked what the monkey was doing, a student said, “He’s not a monkey! He’s an ape. Monkeys have tails and apes don’t. He’s a gibbon.”

    Yes, I am doing my part by creating budding scientists.

  4. I’m 12 years old and I’m going to be an astrobiologist when I grow up and I’m going to Space Academy in July and I kinda know what string theory is and I follow BoingBoing and read too many books and I’m tech support for my house and all sorts of other stuff.

    Do I qualify or am I to old?

  5. I was hiking through a trail in southeast Michigan with a friend when we happened upon a father and his son from Alpena(no older than 8 years old) who visited the area birdwatching. I gave them some hints about the birds they were seeing when we noticed the call of an indigo bunting. I started to talk about why they look blue (the feathers are actually transparent, but the shape of their feathers has a prismatic effect which makes it look blue) and before I finished the young naturalist finished for me by adding “they’re iridescent”. I had forgotten the term in its technical use and was pleasantly surprised to hear it from him. He definitely earned this one. Good on ya’ kid, keep it up!

  6. Hi everyone,
    My grandson is 6 years
    And is currently in the grip of the dinosaurs.
    For him I seek now a dinosaur badge
    Maybe you can or want to help me
    Do you know where and how I could buy such a badge
    Friendly thanks
    Scout salute

    Luc Van Nevel
    Adj. Commissioner
    Seascouts FOS
    mob : +32 475 364 170
    Tel & fax : +32 9 222 6537

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