The “have used a dental drill and I’ve never been a dentist” badge


We’re not sure if this is a specialist badge. We do hope so, though. (PZM)


  1. Kevin

    PC board rework. As the picture suggests, clearing encrustations from fossils. Glass engraving.

  2. Well actually I sculpt with dental tools all the time, but that 1) isn’t a drill and 2) isn’t science. But I felt compelled to comment.

  3. Penny

    I totally drill fossil teeth all the time. Never a tooth in a living beast’s mouth, tho…

  4. Gabriella

    I drill and use other dental tools to prepare samples in a geochemistry lab. It’s carbonate stable isotope work on biological organisms. Fun times.

  5. BoatGirl

    Highly usefule when doing stereotactic implants into mice and rats.

  6. Mark Fitzsimmons

    handy for polishing the seat of very tiny valve seats for a prototype rocket. Also good for getting termite sawdust out of packed tunnels when I sculpt with termite infested wood.

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  8. Cyn

    Sure…those little rotary tools are very effective

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