1. Ah…. evolutionary biology as directed by adaptive behavior, which incidentally is only really relatable if you know about human psychology and cultures first?

  2. HAHAHA BB nice try but thats just plain old biochem/cell bio, hardly two fields. Try a little computer science and statistics thrown in there, now thats two fields

  3. Does biophysics count on its own? If not, there’s also forensics, psychology, computer programming, and medical botany.

    I’m…somewhat of a polymath, actually. Linguistics and game theory as well. :

    …I need a life.

  4. A mixture of geology, biology, enviromental studies and ecology…I usually just say that I´m an biologist. Makes my life a bit easier :P

  5. Agile Technomethodologist :) Geek (with actual contributions to free software projects, lol), social scientist (accepted by peers as such), tenured faculty (but bailing back into the private sector because its just too hard to do any real design and development within academia once tenured and established), statistician (“you know, Hilary, this was really a dissertation in statistics” “yeah, but no statistics department in the country would have let me do it”)

  6. I’m a geologist-evolutionary biologist-ichthyologist-marine biologist-herpetologist-botanist-conservation biologist!

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