The “has done science whilst under the influence” badge.


This can apply to both achieving moments of intellectual clarity or actual performance of an experiment whilst under the influence. It presumes talking about science under the influence a given. (JD)



  1. Its when other scientists NOTICE that Im under the influence that I worry. That doesnt happen often, Im very discreet. On the other hand, I can be awarded this badge several times a week…

  2. Plosive Aerophones… tuned tubes played by smacking the opening with a paddle… some booze and a chop saw turn tuning into “how much saw-dust can I make”

  3. One time the gas anesthetic in nitrous oxide carrier gas was being dumped into our operating room air supply rather than out through the fumehood. very funny until we all got headaches

  4. Happy hour… and then had to come back to the lab and dose cells in tissue culture whilst under the influence. Happily, I still got all of my dilutions right!

  5. direct hit off the nitrous K bottle after a rocket test. fell flat on my face but didn’t know it until I woke up and the world was sideways. Somehow my glasses were still intact and there was no significant bruise on my face or knees.

  6. Ah, the good old days before OH&S made inroads into the lab – sitting at the bench, pipette in one hand, beer in the other… or the Green Can Symposia (boozing sessions held in the tea room by anyone who was still in the lab on Saturday night). It’s amazing I have enough neurons left to feed myself, let alone do science.

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