The “I’ve eaten what I study” badge.


Recipients have prepared their object of study as a cuisine item for eating. Hopefully, the minority of MD’s are ineligible for this one. (J)



  1. oooh I totally get this one. I am currently dissecting a cow, and have also dissected chickens and pigs in my lab.

  2. Plant biology certainly has perks that most scientists don’t appreciate. The “I’ve eaten what I study” badge comes from some very tasty green tomatoes.

  3. For the record: Alligator is not as tasty as I was hoping. I’m still optimistic about the rattlesnake….

  4. Well, I’m only in undergrad, but this was basically the entire lab section of my invertebrate Biology course. First, the dissection, and then lunch!
    Crab, Lobster, Calimari. Yum.

  5. Crossover from the ‘Rock Licker’ badge: I’ve added sandstone to a sandwich and eaten it before. Nice and crunchy!

  6. Technically every Chemist (and especially the organic and bio-chemists) qualifies for this one as you will have definitely consumed one or more of the very compounds that you are working with.

  7. PTC taste testing for a lab in Intro Bio. We also had to taste Benzoate and Thiourea. I’m a non-taster, homozygous AVI, and it was still disgusting. The PTC didn’t taste of anything, but the Benzoate and Thiourea were terrible.

  8. Personally I think this should pertain to eating the actual subjects of your research, cause dissecting a chicken and ordering a bucket from KFC is not the same thing as studying them and then having a BBQ.

  9. This was in undergrad, but I did work on a cultivar of barley that was eventually used in a popular local beer, which I drank (and which tasted like rotten bottom… let this be a lesson to you: Do not let science determine how you make your beer).

  10. The only onions that truly taste good are the rotten ones! There’s a possibility that almost everyone eats my research whenever they eat raw onions, rotten or not. Nummy!

  11. Watching the skunk ape documentary (a must see), I noticed Dave Shealy take a bit out of sawgrass. Decided to rip some up the next day (schistosomes and who-knows-what notwithstanding) to taste. Not too bad, I have to say. I’ve also given the local frog legs and ‘gator tail a try. Everything delicious when fried!

  12. In my lab, we study wine! and gin! and tasty plants! and a large part of the studying involves tasting. Not to mention the friday at 4PM “Informal Sensory Analysis” sessions.

  13. Agree with C.Rude. Either that, or there needs to be a level II version of this badge titled “The control group was delicious.”

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