The “I use twitter to spread science” badge.


Science in less than 140 characters is beautiful too (DN).


  1. Sheryl Mitchell

    I DO tweet a lot about animal conservation…I think that counts, lol

  2. twitter has helped me keep most of my experimental griping to high standards of brevity!

    …most of it anyway

  3. I twitter about archaeology all the time! and dead things, I love dead things.

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  5. Oh I retweet Eurekalert! all the time.

  6. minouette

    I need this badge. I tweet fieldwork horror stories. Does that count? Plus, I actually used the Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical Union and Canadian Geophysical Union (etc.) spring meeting hash-tag. How nerdy is that?

  7. I earn this badge because I am a science writer for Johns Hopkins University full-time and the Baltimore Science News Examiner, in my spare time! I tweet my stories and the science news of many others every single day. In fact, I should get too badges! There should be a Level I, II, III etc. Cool!!

  8. So if we Twitter about science on Facebook….does it count?
    (worlds biggest reblogger for science!)

    submitting comment now.

  9. Given #ten23, and Wakefield’s downfall I thought it was time to add to this list.

  10. So I’ve started a campaign to publicize this badge & the people who have earned it.

  11. Deb

    And I’m one of the people Liz Ditz has honoured with this badge. It is now on my blog with pride, although I tweet about science for babies and kids so not quite at the high level of other recipients.

  12. Now proudly displayed on my blog too. Thanks, Liz.

  13. Libby

    I tweet all the time about space-science topics. It has even helped me get into a NASA Tweetup event, where I was encouraged to spend MORE time tweeting about science! YESSS! Life is good!

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