The “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, I’ve got a radio gig” badge.


In which the recipient plays a significant science performance role on radio. Bonus marks if recipient is wearing their lab coat during the broadcast. (SN)



  1. Score! For a couple of years now I’ve supervised a group of college students who produce a daily radio show about issues associated with weather and climate. Can’t say that I’ve ever worn a lab coat on the air, though.

  2. In my podcast I talk about science! in italian though…I answer to the questions of the audience about biology in general, from bacteria to whales! :-)

  3. While working at a station in (physically located) New Iberia, LA (city of license Lafayette) I talked about my idea of a society based on stupid points.

    Basically, you give people an armband with a pre-determined amount of stupid points that it would keep track of. For acts of stupidity, you would have points reduced until you had none. Once the armband counted down to none the explosive that was housed within would detonate and kill the person.

    I love this idea, but I can’t determine a decent amount of points that would let me survive.

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