About the Science Scouts


For the propagation of an ideal where science communicators can meet firstly, for drinks; secondly, for communicating; and ultimately, for networking.

Members are:

– not opposed to alcohol.

– fond of IPCC reports (especially the pictures).

– mostly in agreement with the “truth.”

– into badges.

– grieving for the slow and miserable death of the Hubble Space Telescope.

– possibly possessed of supernatural powers.

– not in the business of total world domination

– committed to the constant and diligent presentation of science stories, be it to editors, producers, directors, educators, relatives and/or friends of various ilk, in an effort to lessen the gap that is this thing we call public scientific literacy.

– – –

Our anthem: “Increase the N” (from HEFE – click on the song in the myspace player – lyrics)

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