The “I work with way too much radioactivity, and yet still no discernable superpowers yet” badge.


…Although not for lack of trying… (JH)



  1. Caution! I worked at a research lab, was exposed to varying levels of radioactivity and huge magnetic fields and pulses for years. Suddenly, and without notice, myself, and ten co-workers were dismissed in a “Downsizing” The company changed name, re-financed, but still does the exact same work on same site! We are all very sick people now! Some rare cancers, MRI’s showing brain damage, deep depressions, psychotic episodes, heart failures, epilepsy, and unable to gain full time work! The folks we worked for are doing the same thing to a new “crop’ of workers and apparently have followed this path since they opened for business, avoiding the liability of damaging workers “just in time” almost scheduled! Be very careful what you work at, as this was considered a reputable outfit! Trust nobody with your health! Capitalism is an unscrupulous mistress, corporatism her henchman, and the worker in full open season for the predators among us! All is not rosy and warm in the corporate board-rooms! and the ROI still reigns supreme and over any whining notions of morality! I will die soon, of injuries yet defined in the health manuals, but well known to corporative operatives! Watch out for Radon gas emissions too! They are not even looked for, and long term low level exposure is as deadly as some EM fields, like the ones Israel uses to heal fractured bones in their hospitals! We only know what lies outside the patent laws, and that is not very much!

  2. I quit working at a facility that made nuclear drugs after realizing that the lead shielding was sloughing particles into the hot lab. The shine wasn’t too bad (by meter) but there was a distinctive pop/tingle in the skin when doing manual transfer to the dose syringes….

  3. Seriously, how much P32 does it take? I’d eat the Cobalt-60 source if I thought it would do me any good.

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