The “I may look like a scientist, but I’m actually also a pirate” badge.


Drinks rum. Into pillaging and stuff. Soft spot for evolutionary biology. (J)



  1. Arrr. Finally a badge I can show off to me hearties while plundering the massive booty of evolutionary biology databases!

  2. I work in a developmental genetics lab. When I’m not doing that, I sail tall ships, which while not actually piracy is more traditionally nautical than much modern piracy. And likely involves more rum.

  3. What about the “I may look like a pirate but I’m actually a scientist” badge? I know numerous people in our dept who could get this one.

  4. Here be Pirates. My favorite-est badge ever. I am a Pastafarian and we Pirates are the chosen ones, we deserve a badge just for us. Arrr. RAmen.

  5. Wow, this badge was made for me. I’ve pretty much been waiting for it my entire life. A quick look at my website (which is an old GeoCities one that will vanish from the interwebs soon) will corroborate my claim. Thanks!

  6. while testing with coal dust, took some of it home and made a rocket with coal, epoxy and sugar, used oxygen for the oxidizer.
    Tested it on a moving platform, which moved over 2000 ft at over 60 mph.
    Plus I know how to sail, on land or sea.

  7. We’re piratical enough to do what we can to earn our pirate names in our field crews down in the Everglades. I’ve earned the moniker Hatchet for my habit of going through field techs. We do the usual piracy; re-appropriating airboats, stealing flags, pillagin’ and plunderin’.

  8. Actually went to a Pyrate Murder Mystery party with a group of molecular biologists the other day! (there were a few video game designers there, too)I have pics!

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