The “non-explainer” badge (LEVEL I)


Where the recipient can no longer explain what they do to their parents (M).



  1. It’s easier to tell my parents that I work for the CIA. I wish I could tell them what I do, but it’s against the law.

  2. I’m only in 8th grade and my parents already have no idea what I’m talking about when I try to get them to help me with my homework. :)

  3. Oh, this badge was earned long ago, when I started doing molecular biology… in their defense, my parents are both blue-collar workers, so this might not be much of an achievement

  4. My dad’s a programmer, which made this one a little hard to get, but I managed to lose him when I started talking about topology.

  5. Seeing as my parents think INERTIA is a medication, Newton is a fig cookie, and exothermic reactions have to do with ghostbusters, they have no idea what I do.

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