The “science deprives me of my bed” badge (LEVEL III).


In which your science, due to Lab work or fieldwork, dictates at least a full month away from your bed (KS).



  1. I got this one LOCKED. Three months in Uganda doing social science surveys…that’s for starters. I’ve got a five month odyssey coming up. Uganda again, Sierra Leone, CAR, and Liberia.

  2. me: 3 months industry internship focusing on R&D concerning microRNAs – 162 miles from home; husband: 3 months industry internship R&D at Yahoo! – 1832 miles from home. And we thought we had stay-at-home career paths!

  3. I’m in the field right now on a month long field season in the Northwest Territories studying contaminents in a wetland. I’m quite missing my bed right now.

  4. One month at sea doing marine geophysical fieldwork on a Chilean naval vessel with the worst cook who ever lived (your choice: shoe-leather meat and potatoes or potatoes and ground beef slop), a severe wine shortage and rationed fresh water.

    Otherwise, shorter research cruises with longer prep time.

    The word “cruise” always gives people the wrong idea altogether.

  5. Easy… Every self-respecting geologist does this at times. Let me see, personally I’ve probably done it 5 or 6 times in the past 10 years (including 6 weeks camping in Greenland, twice 6 weeks travelling around in S. India, and an epic combination of field work and conferences in North America in which I took 13 planes, 3 busses and 2 trains, not counting some 3000 km by car on assorted roads, in the course of a month and slept in 20 different beds…)

  6. I definitely spent a month 20+ miles outside of Parker, AZ (quite a good candidate for the middle of nowhere; don’t eat at the mexican restaurant) in a tent next to a saguaro and shaded by creosote. Very beautiful sunrises.

  7. Agreed JF every geologist should qualify for this one. As for myself this year alone I’ve got 3 1/2 months in Greenland and 1 month coming up in California, Colorado and Arizona.

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