The “I have programmed using plugboards or punchcards” badge.


Kind of like our level 5 computer programming badge. (GS)



  1. Should punching up a control card for a keypunch, or line printer tape loop count? (especially if the printer tape did more than 1h1)

  2. MJ Graham

    There should be a special version if you used punch cards on a machine without ink.

  3. Mark Fitzsimmons

    that’s how I learned to program FORTRAN
    before that I use a teletype and programmed in BASIC

  4. Terre

    Learned FORTRAN & COBOL this way…and got first case of carpal tunnel that my orthopedic surgeon had ever seen…Good Times!

  5. Paul Camp

    Learned fortran this way on a Cyber 74.

    Also learned to keep the damn lid on the damn box.

  6. I last did that in 1980 but I still have a few punch cards around the house that can be used as note cards

  7. Erik Quackenbush

    Does paper tape qualify?

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