The “that’s right people, I’m an artist, but I do science-y art and it’s cool” badge.


Crossing the art-science divide. Examples pretty please…


  1. Glenda

    Yay! I once got paid to illustrate a laser tonsillectomy. Good times.

  2. You and I run in the same circles, Surly :)
    My art is not particularly science-y, but I do donate 10% of my art income to RadioLab :)

  3. A bit more math than science, but some tesselation, some tiling and a bit of history and biology.

  4. loganinsky
    and there’s much more out there!

  5. Electrical engineering professor & tech artist, part-time collaborator with Gorbet Design (see website), teaching of FINE392 ( Some projects:

  6. The Flying Trilobite
    Art in Awe of Science
    by Glendon Mellow

    I’m posting the badge at the suggestion of Jason Robertshaw.

  7. I co-curated a show called the MultiSpecies Salon.

  8. Mandalas made from photographs of imperiled species.

  9. I make artworks that are based in painting and drawing but also include found objects to create works that are experiential interpretations of medical research! I want a badge please!

  10. Very interested in this badge, please let me know if/when it’s available.

  11. Pip

    8 of my friends and I have the golden ratio tattoo.

    I’ve been making artificial fulgurites:

  12. I run Stripped Science, a weekly webcomic about the funny side of science and lab life.

  13. I make assemblage art from castoff technological parts, reforming them into IT tools for the post-apocalyptic shaman. I also take photographs of circuit boards and such, populating them with tiny people.

  14. I’m a certified medical illustrator, in fact! This badge is PERFECT!

  15. Joi

    Heck yeah! As proof of my science-y art, I submit a photo of some drawings I did while attending SpaceUp San Diego:

  16. Finally, recognition! Chemistry and visual neurobiology is my thing.
    My bona fides:

    Chem: A bit of physics thrown in for free- this is the interaction of photochemistry used to create novel and unique images without the use of a camera lens.

    Neuro: I’m particularly interested in how we as humans decipher information supplied by our retinas, and the minimum required to resolve an image. This work has more nerdy art things going for it, but here you go.

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  18. Biology lab instructor by day, metalsmith making work that occupies the overlap between art and science by night! Please check out my work!

  19. Yay! A badge for the sciart nerds! I do “real” science by day (bacterial evolution), but I also make super nerdy ceramic jewellery. You can find (and buy) it all here:

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