The “I’m pretty confident around an open flame” badge.


Recipients have demonstrated proficiency around open flames in laboratory settings.



  1. Level 2 – I’m pretty confident around the flame that butyllithium makes at the syringe tip.

    Level 3 – I’m pretty confident with scaleups involving alkylmetals.

    Level 4 – I work with solid rocket boosters for a living.

    (I do none of the above. Have had colleagues that do all of them.)

  2. After much hard work and perserverence (and confirmation from a lab partner), I can officially say I have earned this badge. Whew!

  3. Level 4 — work with APCP all the time. Played with homemade explosives when I was a kid. Got some burn marks too! W00T!
    (lucky to be alive to tell about it)

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