The “I know what a tadpole is” badge.


In which the recipient knows what a tadpole is. Basically, an easy way to get a badge that looks a little like the semen one above.


  1. clvrmnky

    “looks a little like the semen”

    Pedant alert! This does not look like semen. It looks like a sperm cell.

  2. Polliwog=Wiggle Head

  3. Sheryl Mitchell

    Yay! Another badge compliments of amphibians!

  4. A better pedant

    Actually, it says “like the semen one above”, i.e. the semen *badge*. Clvrmnky fails at pedantry.

  5. Mishal

    Okay…. so actually coquis hatch as froglets, not tadpoles. Same difference.

  6. susan

    Go forth and multi…..
    wait, that’s a tadpole

  7. Catherine

    The only time I ever got a mud facial was collecting these little babies…

  8. Briny Deep

    We’d have more tadpoles at the nature center if we didn’t have so many egrets.

  9. A.Hardison

    sadly, I have had to teach this badge for the past 5 years…
    when will they learn?!

  10. Cory

    Hooray for badges I can just phone in :D

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