The “I’ve done science with no conceivable practical application” badge.


There are probably more who are deserving of this badge than you would expect. (BZ)


  1. suncrush

    Someday there will be a practical application! Someday!

    Actually, it had one VERY practical application–it got me published.

  2. I assume most males automatically qualify for this badge by virtue of having the “let’s poke it and see what happens” gene.

  3. Yes, I proved that Florida red-bellied turtles can both hear underwater and be trained to respond to morse code…. why do you ask?

  4. Alana

    I know how baby fur seals talk to their mommies.

  5. Catherine

    Male, and some large Female, Oyster Toadfish make noise. There, I said it.

  6. Only an amateur but just as dangerous

    Young’s modulus of killer pythons.
    The lollies, not the actuals ones. And done in such a way as to make me eligible for the “eaten experiment” badge too.

  7. I was working in bioinformatics for 20 years.

  8. Michael

    Every bit of “science” I ever do has no conceivable use. Of course, to me science involves nothing more than seeing how big a fire I can make(and how quickly I can do it) or how fast I can demolish something with fire.

  9. Cory

    Well, there aren’t any drugs out there targeting G-quadruplex DNA yet, so I think I can apply for this one

  10. Caelestis

    I once left part of a container of leftover food in the fridge so long that I was unable to determine what kind of food it had begun its life as…does that count?

  11. Most of my work has been in polyadenylation, hence no practical application

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