The “I’ve had to use the safety shower in my lab” badge.


Photographs accompanying this badge should be worth at least a free drink or two.



  1. See also: Works with acids.

    Let’s just say that I know to pick up a bottle by the bottle and not the lid because of sulfuric acid on my jeans. And I wasn’t trying to acid wash them. Damn being a student back then and being assigned the seemingly simple task of cleaning a fridge!

  2. While taking two bottles of mobile phase for my HPLC out of an overhead cabinet, one of them broke, spilling ~1.5L of 0.05% TFA in ACN all over me. I was smelly and flammable!

  3. …only to find out that it didn’t work.

    I ended up standing in the sink in my underwear trying to wash myself off. Luckily it was very early in the morning (so no one else was around) and I had gym clothes in my office.

  4. Wait, where’s the “I’ve had to use the safety eyewash in my lab” badge? I guess I have to settle for the “had to seek medical treatment” one :-(

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