1. You know the story–boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy forced to choose between two years in New Zealand and the girl.

    I regret nothing.

  2. I earned this for deciding that bringing snakes home from work was preferable than having that particular one living there all the time.

  3. Started grad school and a long-distance relationship at the same time. Had a signed commitment to one of them. She spelled “love” t.i.m.e., and I spell it “l.o.v.e”. Now I have more time for science.

  4. i break my mans heart every time he asks: “so, what are you wearing?” “uh jeans, shirt and lab coat.” his disappointed tone of voice when he says “oh.” has me giggling inside every time.

  5. I think I get this one for leaving my significant other in Arizona while I went up to Utah to start a biotech… she was meant to come up to join me, but instead chose to meet some other guy on a dating website.

  6. I’m pretty sure that I get this badge because of my moving (for my Ph.D.) from a large, populated, metropolitan area to a small, southern town, with a college in it, that utterly lacks any attractive, smart, liberal, agnostic women…

  7. He went to upstate NY for med school (not at an institute with a good research program) and I chose Cambridge to do regenerative stem cell. He found the skinny girl next door; I found an excellent project … and a buff organic farmer who likes me in a lab coat :)

  8. Ex was an actor who told me when I was in the middle of my undergrad honors project that we “just couldn’t talk about anything anymore.” What, he couldn’t open wikipedia? I’m better off!

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