The “broken heart for science” badge


In which the recipient’s passion for science has led to their significant other leaving (PTP).


  1. Ex-boyfriend hated that I was smarter than him. Ergo ex!

  2. My ex-boyfriend doesn’t believe in anthropomorphic global warming. DUMPED!

  3. suncrush

    You know the story–boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy forced to choose between two years in New Zealand and the girl.

    I regret nothing.

  4. I got this one for not being able to finish my PhD in under a year and move to Paris… I’m definitely better off without him.

  5. Jon M

    hmmm…what about if I left my significant other in pursuit of science?

  6. Catherine

    I earned this for deciding that bringing snakes home from work was preferable than having that particular one living there all the time.

  7. Started grad school and a long-distance relationship at the same time. Had a signed commitment to one of them. She spelled “love” t.i.m.e., and I spell it “l.o.v.e”. Now I have more time for science.

  8. Anna

    I was divorced for being too geeky. It was him or leave science. I chose the later option. Science!

  9. Anna

    correction I chose to leave him

  10. olenka

    i break my mans heart every time he asks: “so, what are you wearing?” “uh jeans, shirt and lab coat.” his disappointed tone of voice when he says “oh.” has me giggling inside every time.

  11. Cory

    I think I get this one for leaving my significant other in Arizona while I went up to Utah to start a biotech… she was meant to come up to join me, but instead chose to meet some other guy on a dating website.

  12. Chris

    I’m pretty sure that I get this badge because of my moving (for my Ph.D.) from a large, populated, metropolitan area to a small, southern town, with a college in it, that utterly lacks any attractive, smart, liberal, agnostic women…

  13. My ex boyfriend hated science. See ya! (I love my life)

  14. Ben

    Olenka: Of course. I’d be disappointed too if you weren’t doing anything cool enough to warrant safety glasses.

  15. Mandi

    He went to upstate NY for med school (not at an institute with a good research program) and I chose Cambridge to do regenerative stem cell. He found the skinny girl next door; I found an excellent project … and a buff organic farmer who likes me in a lab coat :)

  16. Frances

    Ex was an actor who told me when I was in the middle of my undergrad honors project that we “just couldn’t talk about anything anymore.” What, he couldn’t open wikipedia? I’m better off!

  17. Graham

    My girlfriend left me during my masters because she felt neglected. She came back after I graduated and got a job.

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