The “plant kingdom rules!” badge.


Whereby the image on this badge in no way condones any particular type of activity.


  1. As a former plant pathologist, I fully agree. What else would cereal mildews eat if there weren’t cereals?

  2. Of course plants rule. What would we eat and breathe without plants?

  3. Catherine

    You gotta respect the plant…

  4. Pella_Paul

    Although I agree with the badge, I must take exception with the image on it. I don’t think it looks like Cannibis (it should have dentate margins). However I think it very much resembles Agave, and that makes one think of tequila…so it’s all good.

  5. Chi_P

    I do have to agree with Scientist Pella Paul. Agave is a pretty radical plant.

    Thank plants.

  6. Plants are what food eats!

  7. Kevin

    Seconds Chi_P very much so. I’ve gotten into more trouble with Agave.

  8. AngryWagtails

    Ha. That old chesnut.

    Q: So you’re a botanist?

    A: Yes

    Q: You grow pot then?

    A: Ummm?

    Q: But you can advise me on my hydro set-up, right?

    A: No. Some dude in Amsterdam can advise you.

    Or, at customs at the airport.

    Q: You’re a botanist?

    A: Yes

    Q: Have you any plant specimens

    A: No.

    Q: I mean, not even those “specimens”.

    A: Well, no. As a botanist I don’t usually carry 4 kg of pot in a large boogie board bags everytime I travel. But thanks for asking anyhow. You just never know with a botanist.

    But I should submit an “I’m a botanist and I hate orchids. Don’t ask me to name it – because I don’t care” badge. Because it isn’t all about frickin’ orchids.

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