The “quantum mechanics… I soooo get it” badge.


And not afraid to make fun of those who don’t (RD).



  1. When I was seventeen and taking general chemistry at university, I lectured my grandmother about spin states and the differences in molecular orbitals. I think she still thinks I’m a total weirdo.

  2. My high school physics teacher once threatened to teach me about quantuum mechanics. I proceeded to demonstrate that he didn’t need to.

    I miss high school. So much free time for self-directed learning.

  3. I once tried to replicate the photon slit experiment as part of an 8th grade science fair project…. and failed miserably. Been obsessed with quantum mechanics ever since!

  4. A friend’s partner moved her car from its parking space to another across the street while she was in her dentist appointment. When she came out and saw it had moved, she concluded “hey, QM is weird, I guess this kind of stuff just happens sometimes”. My physicist buddy and I laughed so hard we almost peed our pants– mostly because we were trying to calculated just how unlikely it was — and our brains ran into an underflow error. Also, because that was her go to as most likely hypothesis.

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