The “string theory… I soooo get it” badge.


Want to argue about the merits of this topic? To quote a great movie: “Bring it on!” (RD)


  1. Matthew Titsworth

    This is one of those badges that nobody will ever get. I’ve known at least four people doing PhDs in Some aspect of string theory or related models (Such as LQC) and it’s fairly well established that nobody gets string theory.

  2. Clare Wilson

    I do soooooo get string theory!! I watched Stephen Hawking documentaries.. I’m not a Physicist mind, but I always have and always will have a place for it in my heart! I’m more of a chemistry girl, yet string theory makes perfect sense to me.. ticks all the boxes..

  3. AbuMaia

    I get string theory… I read Brian Greene’s book. ^_^

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