The “call me a visionary, because I do a pretty convincing science dystopia” badge.


Suitable for fiction writers and climatologists alike. (MA)

Note that this badge was created with advice from an expert in the area.  Interesting anecdote here.

Gas mask graphic from here.


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  1. 15 years from now a rocket will be launched into space. It’s going to use the tried method of gravity assist (or the slingshot affect) using Mars as the larger mass. The rocket will be housing a camera. Nothing scary. Just a camera. The rocket will be aimed for GJ 758 B. However the rocket will not make the journey.

    Crashing back to Earth the rocket will strike a terrorist camp that specializes in airborne toxins. The toxins will prove to be so virulent and deadly the human race will prove to be wiped out in a matter of months.

    A race of mutated hamsters (with rough intelligence) will take over as the predominant life form on this planet.

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